Mens Koa Wood Wedding Ring 9mm Black Ceramic Size 8 to 15

3.00 Ounces
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Hawaiian Koa Wood 9mm Wedding Band Inlayed in Black Ceramic.

The Ring is Comfort Fit, the Ceramic is Scratch Resistant and a Hardness of 9

The Retail is $199.00

One of our best all time selling wedding bands



Ceramic is a high performance, heat and scratch resistant, hypoallergenic and lightweight material.  It is not completely scratch proof.  Ceramic rings appear to be fragile and delicate, they are stronger and more durable than metal rings, such as steel and platinum rings. According to the Moh’s scale, which rates the hardness of materials on a scale of one to 10 with 10 as the hardest material, ceramic material rates a 9.   They have a glossy finish and the color does not fade.