Deer Antler Rings Tungsten Hammered Finish 8mm Light Colors

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Antler Rings Hammered Finish Tungsten Carbide

Lighter Colors Antler Inlay Sale Priced

Every Ring is Unique with the Patterns of the White Tail Deer Antler Inlay

Size 7 to 14

8mm Comfort Fit

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Tungsten rings are virtually indestructible and scratch proof.  They are polished with a diamond compound, resulting in a polish and shine that will last forever.  Tungsten rings have the perfect combinations of super strength with style and comfort and are the most wear resistant rings available on the planet.  Tungsten is harder that 18K gold by about 10 times, 5 times harder that tool steel and 4 times harder than Titanium.

Tungsten Rings will hold their shape more than any ring on the market.  Tungsten rings will not bend. 


Antlers   Male Deer loose their antlers and re grow antlers every year. In the whitetail deer family only bucks over 1 year old have antlers.  Every winter bucks loose their antlers and re-grow new ones.  The antlers are covered in a soft hairy skin called velvet which supplies blood the the growing antlers to protect and feed them.

At full size the velvet begins to die off, the bucks then rub it off on trees and brush.

Whitetail deer antlers are one of the fastest growing tissues known to man.

Whitetail antlers start growing in the early spring,

late summer they are fully grown.

Nutrition is important to the growth of the antlers.