Antler Ring Titanium | Turquoise | Koa Wood | 9mm Wedding Band

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Deer Antler Ring Unique Design in the Light Weight 9mm Titanium

Natural Turquoise Hawaiian Koa Wood and Deer Antler Inlays with Protective Coating

A Unique Variation of Colors, each Ring Hand Made, Two Rows of Koa Wood and Deer Antler with the

Turquoise Running through the Middle.

Size 7 through 15

Each Ring Comes with a Ring Box


Titanium is the only element possessing the strength of steel, yet with a weight comparable to aluminum.  Titanium has a dark metallic color, but is extremely lightweight.  Titanium is the only element that offers the unique combination of beauty, strength, light weight and biocompatibility.  


Hawaiian Koa Wood has been treasured for years.  It has been used for outrigger canoes, paddles, boxes, furniture and now rings.

It is an excellent tone wood which produces a rich warm sound and is used also for Ukuleles.  Supply of Koa is getting scarce and just recently Hawaiians have been replanting their Hawaiian Koa Wood Trees.  Koa is renowned for its iridescent shimmer and luscious color which ranges from tan to warm gold with brown and black accents.